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From “Passionibus Mulierum Curandorum”. Glazed porcelain, 2012.

Many years of work as an obstetrical and surgical nurse have influenced my work as a ceramic sculptor. I am fascinated by the history of medicine and its tools. My research has led me to obscure sources such as the Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago and the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, Scotland. I seek out old medical texts which hold a wealth of images and reveal the attitudes and beliefs of earlier times.
My objects are thrown or slip-cast porcelain that I often combine with found objects. These pieces play back and forth between imagination and reality, bridging the gaps between the past, the present and the future. Some appear timeless, others primitive or derived from domestic use.

Recently I have become aware that my creative and scientific minds often collide, looking back to the era of Romanticism in science or the “Age of Reflection”. I am fascinated with clay in its many forms. I am often more engaged with work in its wet and unfinished state; the possibility for change being imminent. Likewise, a shard or a pot growing moss or lichens as it moves towards its deterioration is equally compelling. The concept that clay has the potential to become something other than a functional vessel or static object is of great interest to me. Witnessing the spectrum of an object’s existence as it interacts with the environment calls to mind my own transience. This work can only be held in the memories of a select few or documented as an image.